Sunday, July 17, 2011


I don't much like having my picture taken. I never have. I know I'm a pretty gal (in my own mind) but I don't photogragh well. I never have. And that's okay. It's always been okay. I don't mind being in the background. But nowadays, everyone plus everyone has a camera handy with their phones, so I find myself shying away from the lense more and more.
I'm a 38 year old woman, who has given birth to three children. I realize I'm not a size 6 anymore, and never will be. I'm struggling to fit into a size 8. To many that would be a blessing, but from a girl that was a size 4 until the age of 29, I'm having a hard time. To top it off, I love to eat. I'm known to eat anything, and everything, at anytime. I have never dieted in my life, and I don't know if I would even know how. I don't like to be told what I can, or cannot do, so I'll be damned if I'm not allowed to eat a Tombstone pizza at 10:00 at night while I'm watching my DVR'd episode of Big Brother.
What it comes down to it, lately I feel fat, I can't fit into any of my previous clothes, and I love mac n' cheese. Oh, and don't take my picture.

What's for lunch?

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Barbara said...

You've never looked better and I have of when you once weighed about 99 lbs! Take it from me, you look waaaaaaay better now honey!