Friday, April 29, 2011


As everyone knows, we had quite the storm here Wednesday night, as did much of the South. At one point, the hail was so fierce it scared me and Lexi enough to take cover in the laundry room.

Thankfully there was no damage to us or the house....except for....

the GIANORMOUS slug that took cover on the front porch. He was big and slimy but moving sort of slow so I let him be. He was gone by morning, Thank God.

It was quite the storm and everyone I know has a story to tell. I'm thankful that my story is sort of boring.

My prayers go out to all of those that lost their homes or loved ones.

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Poirier Family said...

I thought the saying was things are bigger in Taxes?? Now it's Tennessee. Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Congrats on the new baby!! Missed ya around here.