Wednesday, May 5, 2010


A new attraction has sailed into Pigeon Forge, and it's the Titanic Museum. We anxiously watched it being built for months, and we were finally allowed to board the ship today. Since photography isn't allowed inside, we had to be satisfied with taking pictures outside the ship.

We were greeted at the gate by authentically dressed crew members and given boarding passes with the names of real passengers that had been on the voyage. At the end of the tour, we would find out whether or not 'we' survived that fateful night.

Since The Titanic is an actual museum, it wasn't the most exciting place to take two small kids. I was rushed along by Madison, who wanted to touch an actual ice burg, and Trinity, who wanted to conquer a simulated steering of the ship. I will definitely go back again, without them, so that I can actually look and read all the displays.

On the upside, we ALL survived the sinking of the Titanic


Electerik said...

Thank goodness someone is taking over for me on documenting Pigeon Forge's touristy stuff! :O)

SillyShelly said...

I'll try not to let you down