Friday, May 21, 2010


For Date Night, me and Trinity had planned on a trip to Dollywood. With thunder storms brewing, I knew I better have a back-up plan. So I called in a favor and got tickets for the Upside Down House, i.e. the well-known WonderWorks, just in case. And even though it wasn't raining yet when I picked her up, she chose WonderWorks. I had a sneaky suspicion that she wanted to climb the rock wall, and I was not wrong.

She scampered up that wall like nobody's business, in bare feet no less. And did it over and over. It was amazing. She wore herself, and the employees of WonderWorks out.

When we got home she proclaimed that she was gonna stay up all night, since on Fridays we don't have a bedtime. And I answered with "Baby, you'll be asleep in 14 minutes"

She lasted twelve.

Knows how to call 'em

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