Monday, April 19, 2010


It is not in my forte to grow things. I do not have a green thumb, at all. I panic whenever anything green is placed in my care. So today, placed in my hands by Trinity, was an itty bitty tomato plant, planted by Madison.

They both seemed very invested in the fact that they wanted the plant to live. As I did too. But I have no clue what to do. Give me a child, puppy, kitten, even a baby squirrel, and I'll nourish it to adulthood. A plant? I'll kill it. Not intentionally, mind you. But it will die in my care. Trust me.

I went to the shed to find a pot, which I found. But I had no potting soil. I briefly thought about digging up some dirt elsewhere on the property but I didn't even have a mini shovel (spade?) to dig with. And since Tennessee soil is more like clay, I knew that wouldn't work any way.

So I kept Henry in his dixie cup, gave him a little water and put him in the sun. God help me if he dies.

We need a garden, DAD.

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