Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So my kids like the paper plates that are shaped like animals. Zoo Pals. They usually come 12 in a pack, and they have every animal known to man. Seroiusly. Like alligators and beavers, even yaks. And there's usually two of each, although sometimes we get a stray. So the girls have to sort them out. This time they had bowls to add to the mix (bought on clearence with the added bonus of an half hour of calm talking between two girls that usually are trying to kill each other). The bowls have also made CoCoPuffs even better, if that is even possible. Zoo Pals are a great distraction for when there are hungry children circling the kitchen, and dinner is still 10 minutes away. And yes, I've eaten my dinner on the the face of a turtle. And a cow. And maybe, just maybe, a snake.

Which animal do you want to be?

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Poirier Family said...

Josh and I love to eat on the Zoo Pals too. It's a good way to make eating more fun!!