Friday, March 12, 2010


There's a new attraction in Pigeon Forge, called MagiQuest. (Well new to us, since we hadn't been there before) We received some free passes at work so I, of course, couldn't turn it down. The building itself actually houses three different activities...a Mirror Maze, Miniature Golf, and the MagiQuest. Our passes were only good for the MagiQuest, but that was a-okay. To give you a little background info, MagiQuest is basically a scavenger hunt for Magical items. There are are about ten different Quests that you must go through, and for each Quest you must find 5 or 6 certain items. You are given a magic wand and a little book where you must decipher the clues to find your items. (The magic wand makes the items come to life so that you can "collect" them)

The items, such as jewels, maps, and fairies, are spread out between three humongous areas, The Village, The Forest, and The Dragons Den. They even have secret rooms! I was actually a little surprised how fun it was. Unfortunately, our passes were only good for an hours play, so we only got through four Quests. My friend, Anita, gave me her pass so we went back and conquered three more (they get harder as you go along). I'm hoping to mooch another pass somewhere since it would cost close to $50 to go back and finish.

Sort of liked having a Magic Wand


Barbara said...

Keep mooching......$50 is a lot of money. Ah....what does Madison have on her legs? Did she go to school looking like that? Just asking.

SillyShelly said...

Yes, she did. And no I didn't dress her. But she thought she looked beautiful so that is what we all went with. I actually love the polka dotted tights.

Electerik said...

I told you it was cool!