Monday, February 22, 2010


So the sun finally came out this past weekend. And right on cue, Madison asked if she could ride her bike. How could I say no? My only conditions were that she had to have shoes and a long sleeved shirt on. She insisted on wearing her fancy black shoes but I didn't care. Shoes are shoes. She also insisted on wearing her puffy pink jacket, although a sweater would have been sufficient. Once she was dressed to her satisfaction (complete with a skirt and tights), off she went. To give ya'll a little background info on the bike-riding around here, it mainly entails the girls dragging their respective bike/scooter to the top of the driveway of our neighbor across the street (with the proper thumbs up permission from said neighbor) and riding all the way down their driveway onto ours.

You can barely see her in the video, but if you listen close you can hear her giggling on the way down. She had a grand time and do I believe the consensus is that Spring Fever is much better than Cabin Fever.

Is lovin' the sun

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Barbara said...

I'm so glad we have such nice neighbors!!!!