Saturday, January 9, 2010


A few months before holidays, the girls were introduced to the Wii at my friend Anita's house. They fell in love, especially with the hula-hooping. Trinity immediately starting asking for one for Christmas (which I passed on to their dad, who's pretty good about getting the "larger" gifts). They both were thrilled to be able to play at Aunt Beckys, and Madison dominated the bowling game. And I'll have to admit, the games were a lot of fun and sparked my competitive nature. (You know it's bad when you roll a spare and yell at your six year old "Take that, girlfriend!!")

Well, their dad came through, and the girls got their very own Wii for Christmas. They are beyond thrilled and haven't stopped playing since. And believe it or not, but Madison got second place at a bowling birthday party (in real life) and I think it's all due to the Wii.
So although I'm not a big fan of video games in general, I gotta say I'm liking the Wii. If only for the sole reason that it managed to get me off the couch.

Wee Wee


Barbara said...

Trinity and Madison LOVE to play outside; we all know that. So having the Wii for those long winter months must be nice at their daddy's house. Will they EVER come home again??

Poirier Family said...

Wii to have the Wii and love it. Wii love the bowling too. Wii also like to box one other. Josh likes to kick my butt in that. We are looking into getting the Wii game night ( I think that's what its called) all kinds of board games.

Electerik said...

Yeah, I got one, too. Pretty cool. I really like the tennis. Which is weird, because I don't like tennis in real life.