Friday, January 29, 2010


All my faithful followers know about the Secret Drawer. It is the place where you keep those things that are sentimental and dear to your heart. Pictures, letters, knick-knacks and just those things that are precious to you. For example, I have the I.D. bracelets for the girls from the hospital when they were born. They are as small as can be, but I will never lose them. Because they are in my Secret Drawer. And although we all know where each others Secret Drawers are, there's a mutual understanding. At no place or time are you allowed in anothers Secret Drawer without prior notice. And you certainly NEVER take something from anothers Drawer. NEVER.

This is Triniy's Secret Drawer. She's pretty organized. The picture books are stacked up nicely and she keeps her favorite pencil here. I also see recent birthday cards and the pink bracelet for Aunt Christie. She's not one to collect a bunch of stuff, just that what matters. And then we have Madison...

Madison is like me, to the ultimate extreme. She saves everything. And everything means something to her. Everything. To the lay person, this is just a jumbled mess. But if you look at every individual thing, it means something to that girl. Which is awesome. That's the way your drawer is supposed to be.


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Barbara said...

It is so nice to have you catching up on your blog. We've missed you. No matter how busy you get, always make a little time in your life to do what you love to do so much....write. It's an important part of you; it's who makes you who you are. Never stop!