Monday, November 30, 2009


My mom has been mailing stuff here in anticipation for her visit. The boxes contain things she'll need but didn't want to have to travel on the plane with (extra clothes, yarn, books, etc.). Up until now, all packages sent from Wisconsin were CARE packages. For ME. Oh, and the girls. And the front desk at work. So imagine my dismay when I couldn't open the first package that arrived. Not only that, but I had to pry the scavengers off it at work, since that is where the packages are delivered. Although treats were sent with the second package, I opted not to open it in fear that someone would steal my mom's shampoo. So I put it in my car and took it home. I DID let it slide to the girls that the box may contain something for them, so they graciously carried it into the house for me. I then promptly distracted them into raking leaves.

My powers are wondrous


Electerik said...

I'm opening the next one.

I can always use shampoo.

Barbara said...

There won't be a next one.....I've shipped it all. Sorry! The rest of it probably will be coming by truck and, no, it's pulling up to Riverstone!

Michele's Mom