Friday, October 23, 2009


In our travels today, we stopped at several thrift stores to get ideas for Halloween costumes. Although we bombed in the costume frontier, we did score some goodies. I found a pair of gorgeous pink cozy pants for Trinity priced at a dollar. I got a pair of (much needed) work pants for two bucks. And then I came across the Knot-a Quilt in the stuffed animal, broken toys area.

It was still in its original packaging and looked sort of neat, so I snatched it up. As you can see, the girls were so excited they executed full cheerleader arms.

Basically, Knot-a-Quilt comes with 64 squares of cozy, felt material that you tie together to make a blanket. I split up the colored squares evenly, so that the girls could make their own mini blanket.

Madison lost interest after she layed out her pattern and moved on to her Polly's. But Trinity hung in there. She is currently tying her little heart out.

In knots

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