Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Despite my love for Halloween, I failed to decorate the house. Yes, there are scarecrows in my front yard. But that doesn't count. I have collected an array of Halloween decorations through tout the years, and they have always been displayed proudly through out the house. From ceramic pumpkins to witch hand towels, Halloween was always celebrated. Unfortunately, this year I dropped the ball. I didn't get my decorations out in time. And now they are needed for the Employee Lunch at work. So I dragged them out and was greatly reminded why I love Halloween.

This sign would have course been put on the front door. In the past it has hung on any stray nail I could find.

This is my very first Halloween decoration ever. I don't remember where it came from, but it's basically a witch sitting in a mini flower pot painted with black cats. She's so old she's lost her broom handle. I decided that she is too important to travel to the party and is now safe and sound on the mantle next to Trinity's cheerleading medal.

I love this pumpkin. It's strung together with wire and orange glass tiles. Again, I don't remember where I acquired it, but it's a classic. I love it.

Another door sign, but a good one. I love the ghost, and the entire thing is made out of wood, which reminds me of Grandpa Schmidt.

I could go on and on. My Halloween decorations are very precious to me. It will be really neat to see them displayed at the party, for everyone to enjoy.

Halloween rocks my world

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