Thursday, September 24, 2009


The school had an open house the other night. I almost didn't go. I had already met the girls teachers and there was a torrential rainstorm, so I was tempted to just go on home. But when I picked Trinity up from the Boys and Girls Club, that was all she could talk about. In her little first grade eyes, it was a matter of life and death that we go to the open house. So we went. And what is usually the case, I'm glad I did. I talked to both the teachers and was reinforced that yes, my girls are incredibly awesome and smart. AND I got to take home some art projects.

Trinity presented me with Little Red Riding Hood, made out of plastic cups and a Styrofoam ball. She is beyond cute and is currently residing on the mantle.

In Madison's class I was given one of the "All about Me" books. Since I already know her favorite foods and animals, I thought that this time I would focus on her handprints. Aren't they getting big? (Sigh)

So although we arrived at the school dripping wet from the rain, we left with some great stuff. And as a bonus, the sun was shining as we walked to the car.

It was worth the trip

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