Saturday, September 12, 2009


Since I didn't have the resources to have a big blow-out birthday party for Madison, I had to get a little creative. So I utilized my local connections and got us tickets to the Magic Beyond Belief show. Despite living here almost ten years I had never seen the show and I knew the girls would love it.

We couldn't take pictures during the show, which was actually very good, if not ridiculously cheesy at times, but afterwards we could.

We got to meet the Magician and the girls had their pictures taken. All in all, it was an awesome way to spend a Friday night, not to mention, celebrate a little girls birthday.

Believes in magic

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Mom said...

Wow! How cool is that!! Picture with the star of the show!

Nice going Mom.....sounded like a great birthday for Tinkerbell!!

See what you can do when you set your mind to it and have about $1.50 to spend. Good Job!!