Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here is Trinity in a mid-cheeerleader-jump. She gripes about cheerleading all week long, especially when she has practice, but in her off time she's doing cartwheels across the yard and showing me the newest moves. I'm looking forward to this weekend when we have a home game. Not only will the girls do their half time cheer complete with their mini pyramids, but they are FINALLY going to perform the dance routine that they have been working on since camp. Plus, me and my cheerleader mom friends (Brianna and Michelle) are going to work the concessions at the Pee-Wee game. Maybe I'll meet a cute football couch (wink wink).

Wish me luck


Mom said...

Look at the SPRING in her jump, and the form, and the smile. Just one question, how are you going to see their new routine, etc. if you are hidden away in the concession stand? Put Andrew in the concession stand......well, then again your friends may hate ya for it!

SillyShelly said...

We're working the Pee-Wee game not our Grasscutter game.