Saturday, September 12, 2009


I never thought I'd say it, but I like going to church. I think I might be a Baptist now. I have no idea what the real difference is between Catholic (which is the way I was raised) and Baptist, or Protestant for that matter. I'm not that strict. We're all sinners if you take the bible word for word. Lord knows I am. I take the Lord's name in vain several times a day, just to get started. So although I've wanted to belong to a church for awhile now, I was afraid of the fire and brimstone. But then Anita, a really great friend, invited me to her church. And I have been pleasantly surprised. Everyone is beyond friendly and the preacher is hilarious. Not to mention I learn an important lesson every week.

Which brings us to the flowers. At the end of Wednesday's service, a woman stood up and talked about how she works with the elderly every day. Recently, an old man asked her why people give flowers at the funeral when the beloved is already dead. Why, he asked, don't people give their loved ones flowers while they are alive? It's an awesome question. Why DO we wait until it's too late to give flowers? In response, this woman gave a rose to everyone in the church.

Lesson learned

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Mom said...

Well, SHUT UP! You in church...did lightning strike the first time you walked through the doors?

Actually, I think it's great and maybe a ways down the road you will get the girls baptized????