Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As I was mowing the grass this evening, I came across ANOTHER Polk Salad plant next to the house. And, yes, I know my Polk Salad plants. This one is still a baby, and at this point, quite manageable. But, I am sad to report, I will probably be cutting him down in the near future. Polk Salad is useless to me. It just keeps growing and growing and does nothing else. Apparently it's edible, but I don't see myself frying it up and serving it to the girls for dinner. If it had pretty flowers, I would consider keeping it around. But since I can only fit so many plant corpses under the deck, this wee one will have to go.

Adios amigo


$$$ said...
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Mom said...

Are you SURE it's the same thing? Is that what they look like when they are're right though; get it while it's young!!

I will NOT have ugly plants in the spot where I plan on planting my rose garden!!!