Monday, July 6, 2009


You know you're on a budget when some of your food comes packaged in blaring white boxes. Apparently even corporate America is cutting corners, because what used to come in inconspicuous dark blue packaging, is now NOT. It must be cheaper to bleach cardboard then it is to color it.

I more often than not, buy the 'store-brand'. It's exactly the same thing that Kraft or Kelloggs is selling. Or Tyson. Or Nabisco. Their prices aren't higher because their product is that much better. It's because they have fancy commercials and advertising to pay for.
With that being said, there ARE a few rules when it comes to buying generic. NEVER EVER buy low-grade cheese. You WILL taste the difference, and cheese is not to be scrimped on. EVER. Either is canned ravioli. Seriously, Chey-Boyardee IS the best, so pay the extra seven cents. You won't regret it. Last but not least, are hotdogs. Don't be cheap. You'll taste the difference. Just buy Kroger brand ketchup to off set the cost and you'll be fine.

Can make Ramen Noodles a hundred different ways

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Mom said...

It totally blows my mind that Zyrtec (24 count) cost $29.99 and CVS brand (same exact ingredients) can cost $9.99 (60 count). Does the pretty packaging make my nose drip less....I don't think so!