Thursday, July 23, 2009


Apparently I have a habit of picking up strays. As I was leaving the grocery store, I came across these plants, put on display, for free. FOR FREE. My first thought was "Why are they free?", which was answered instantly by "They're getting rid of overstock". Which is okay. So I grabbed two. I sort of had a plan in mind. I was gonna replant them. I even knew what pots I'm was going to use. It was a master plan. But it turns out that I didn't have any spare dirt in the shed. And I sort of refuse to buy DIRT, since we live on it. (Don't even get me started on the oil conspiracy). Either way, the midget gardener in me was discouraged. So hopefully they will survive on the front porch, in the pots they're already in.

Needs some green thumb help


Poirier Family said...

Wish I could find free plants. I think you really should put them into a bigger pot. They might become root bounded, and kill the plants. If you do repot them break up the root ball a little before placing them into the new pot. It gives the roots room to grow. I don't have green thumb its more of a little green.

Mom said...

Read the labels....see if they like sun or shade and then plant them somewhere outside if you don't want to buy dirt....but buy the looks of them, you better do something soon!