Monday, June 22, 2009


Nothing much new is going on. Everyone is pretty much doing their thing. I'm getting my heinie handed to me at the resort (i.e. It's really SUPER busy) and the girls are enjoying their summer...

Trinity is having a grand time at the Boys and Girls Club. Today they went swimming (hence her gorgeous tan) and Wednesday they're going to a Zoo Safari. Needless to say, she's one happy camper.

Madison is also having a great time this summer. She spends everyday with all the little friends she's had for years, and now they've started to go on field trips too. Tomorrow they're going to the library, and Wednesday, its off to the movies.

Although I desperately wish I could join them in all their summer fun, I'm more than grateful that they both are in good hands, and having the time of their lives.

Having to work sucks :(

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