Friday, May 8, 2009

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

We finally got a break from the rain tonight so everyone was outside. The girls were riding their bikes/scooters and I was sitting on the front porch, enjoying the spring breeze while talking to my mom on the phone. Suddenly the girls ran up to me exclaiming that they had caught a frog. I was skeptical at first, thinking they caught some sort of itty bitty thing that happened to be green (they ARE girls afterall), but by God, they really did catch something. It turned out to be a land toad (according to my dad, with details given over the phone), and quite a big one, to OUR standards anyway. The girls insist that he simply jumped into their bug catcher, which I almost believe, since they're stories coincide. They have named him Nemma Toad and he is currently in his little cage, sitting on the toilet while the girls take their bath.

He's the first catch of the season, although I thought for sure we would warm up with some catapillars or fireflys first. Either way, it was all very exciting and I can't for more.

Better not get warts

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