Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"IT'S YOU MOMMY!!" says Trinity

Like my blog-sister Susan, I have nothing new going on. The girls are with their father, so I don't even have them here to pose for me. I have resorted to searching through old files for pictures I haven't posted yet. Here's a doozy....

Trinity made this, and it's supposed to be me. My head/face is made of play-doh. My eyes are plastic flowers, the nose a baby-doll bottle, and my mouth is plastic broccoli. As always, she remebered to put glasses on me. She stole this pair from Mr. Potato Head, who is currently bumping into walls. Since I encourage all artist endeavors 100 hundred percent, I gave this project a A++ (although I think she made me look a little fat).

It IS me, baby!


Grandma said...

And, have you seen Mr. Potato head lately? Are you sure he didn't wonder outside with his blurred vision and is now "road kill"?

Poirier Family said...

Very creative your littles are!! I don't think she made you look fat, a little green maybe but not fat!