Friday, May 22, 2009


Trinity threw a God awful fit today. She wanted to go play outside and I told her that she had to clean her room first. You would have thought I was breaking her fingers one by one from the way she carried on. Full-fledged tears, while rolling around on the floor no less. I stuck to my guns, despite the decibel level, and she wasn't allowed outside. She sobbed on the couch until she fell asleep. I felt a little bad once she was passed out, but I wouldn't be doing my job as a parent if I wasn't a hard *ss once and awhile.

Sleep well, my child. The mess will still be there in the morning.


Grandma said...

You were right on ALL counts! I wonder she is dreaming...probably what a wicked old witch you are. Oh well, such is life kiddo!

Poirier Family said...

Glad you stuck to your guns. That is one thing in life I did wrong. I am now just becoming a hard *ss, and Josh is 10. I was way to easy all the time. He would cry and get his way. It is very hard now. I loved it when he said to me "why do you have to be like my father, step father, and step mother now? You were to nice one!" Oh well!