Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It was chilly this past weekend, but the girls still wanted to go outside. I told them that they would have to be dressed appropriately to do so. They BOTH presented themselves with footie-jammie's, and since I couldn't rightfully argue (they WERE covered from head to toe), I said okay.

I thought they would just ride their bikes and be a blur to the neighbors. But NO. They had to display themselves in all their JAMMIE GLORY. With a chalk outline.

Coulda killed them both


Grandma said...

I'm glad to see that they are making great use of all that chalk!

Hey, they could have been dodging cars...then again, what cars on that road?

Grandma said...

You see CSI chalk outlines....I see Picasso!

Poirier Family said...

Sorry I see CSI!! What shows are you kids watching?? HEHEHE Just kidding.

Becky said...

I seriously thought Madison was a doll in that first picture....FREAKED me out!!! LOL

PopPop said...

Need more chalk?? After all they're growing girls!