Saturday, April 25, 2009


At times I feel like I live in my car. Everyday there's somewhere to go, something to do. Of course I do all the driving, but the girls eat, sleep, do homework, color, play, and fight in the House-Van (as Madison calls it). Because of this, the car tends to accumulate a lot of crap, from pillows and blankets to empty juice boxes. Every Sunday, I reach in and grab the most recent trash and call it a day. Here recently, I noticed that a more aggressive approach might be necessary. So today, I cleaned out the car.

I could make a list of the items that were found on the floor boards of my car, but I'm afraid it might turn your stomach. Lets just say that such a cleaning was waaaaay over due and took me over an hour to accomplish. As I was scrapping melted M&M's off various surfaces I vowed that there would be no more eating in my vehicle. Ever. No matter what.
However.... I am a realist, and a pretty layed back kind of mom, so we all know that that rule would not last a day. And honestly, it's not a rule I want to have. If the House-Van is gonna be our home away from home, well, we all gotta eat right? And color, and sleep, and do homework...

Hanging her head in car-shame


Grandma said...

I agree! You finally have a nice vehicle that keeps you and the girls safe when riding in it; a vehicle that has YOUR name on the title. You should be ashamed of yourself!!

Did you get the oil changed yet?

SillyShelly said...

Yes I got the oiled changed. Just ask Dad. It chapped my ass that he was right about the whole oil-change thing.

PopPop said...

you know you HAVE to change your oil every 3000 miles or 3 months which ever comes sooner, IF you want your "house van" to last very long!