Monday, January 19, 2009


Although you can't tell by the look on Trinity's face, the girls were quite excited about ALLLLLLLLLLL the snow we got. It came down pretty hard and fast in Pigeon Forge while I was at work, so I was sent home early. The temperature was dropping pretty quickly and they wanted me to get home before the roads iced over. The ride home was VERY pretty, as all the trees were covered in snow, like a Winter Wonderland. I was hoping there would be enough snow at the house for the girls to play in, but this is about all that accumulated. It's supposed to snow more tonight so I'm sure school will be canceled tomorrow. Thank God the kids won't have to walk four miles barefoot in that!!

Fondly remembers REAL snow days

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Barbara said...

I told PopPop to take some pictures of our SNOW to show the girls. I really hope it snow next December while you are here just for the kids!