Thursday, December 25, 2008


Since the girls often fight over the miniature grocery carts at Krogers, I thought these play grocery "buggies" would be a big hit and I was right!! They didn't even finish opening their other presents before they loaded their carts full of stuff, baby dolls included. At 12 bucks a pop, you can't go wrong. (Madison only whined about not getting the Dora Kitchen for a split second). I hope it's this easy when they're teenagers!!

Cleanup in aisle four!!!!

P.S. For some reason my camera didn't take very clear pictures that day, so I was sort of discouraged about posting until now. Sorry. I can be a perfectionist sometimes.


Barbara said...

You should know by this time that not-so-good pictures are better than NO pictures.

Mike has decided that the theme for Christmas next year should be "Bringing Shelly and the Girls Home for Christmas".

I think it's a wonderful idea!

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