Sunday, November 16, 2008


I HATE doing laundry. HATE IT! More specifically, I hate FOLDING laundry. I don't EVEN want to get into how I feel about having to put it away. I don't mind putting the clothes in the washer or even the dryer. I even sort of like taking them out of the dryer, all warm and smelling like a spring breeze. But that is where the joy ends. I would rather scrub 30 toilets and wash 1,000 dishes than have to fold clothes. So they normally end up in a big pile in the corner or on the rocking chair. Me and the girls dig through the pile in a treasure hunt for what we need. Their dressers don't contain clothes, only random toys and fuzz balls. No body seems to mind, although if I was smart, I would teach the girls how to fold the clothes. I could have two little slaves at my fingertips. Hmmmmm..........

Potential slave-driver


Barbara said...

No, you wouldn't. I scrubbed our toilet yesterday and it was not a pretty site. But I do have this new little grouding brush which is a marvel around the faucets, cracks and crevices. My theory, if you have to do the work, have the right tools. Teach the girls!

Barbara said...

Maybe this would be a good point to start "allowance" and they could fold or at least sort (after drying) their own clothes.

You're could be a very creative "slave driver".