Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I don't have any new pictures so I thought I'd post these from when we went to the circus about a month ago. We were in the nose-bleed section but it was still quite a show.

Madison especially liked the elephants, while Trinity whispered in my ear that she wanted to be an acrobat after watching them fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

The finale was the Human Cannon ball, which was very cool and actually made me jump in my seat. (You can actually see him sitting on the end of the cannon in this picture.)

All in all, it was a great show. Next year, however, I'm going to utilize my many connections and get us better seats. (A woman at work has a son who was an actual CLOWN and could have gotten us cool would THAT have been!)

Hasn't sold her kids to the Circus. Yet.

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Barbara said...

Oh wow! I've never been to a circus. Yes, you are moving up in the ranks there at work....use it, work it, use the system, play your hand, ok, I'll stop now.