Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Since my "To-Do" list includes buying batteries for the camera (along with watering the plants, sorry Dad) I don't have a current picture to post on my blog today. So I thought I'd reach into my bag of "Golden Oldies" and pull out something you haven't seen yet. Although this picture isn't really that old, it's a good one. It was taken at the girls dress rehearsal, where they had to be in full costume and make-up.
Both girls enjoyed the dance classes, and of course the recital. To this day, Madison will randomly burst into song and put on a little show. I was very proud of both of them during their foray into the dance world. I'm hoping to get them signed up again soon. I'm sort of waiting to see how Trinity adjusts to school and everything that goes along with it. (Plus she also wants to join Girl Scouts AND Cheerleading). I'm sure what ever the future holds for those two will be a hoot, and I'll gladly go along for the ride.

Future Coach


Becky said...

How cute is that!!! Reminds me of you and I when we were younger and in dance classes!


Barbara said...

Or "Girl Scout Leader"