Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some toys never go out of style, such as Legos and Barbies. There's even a modern-day version of Lite-Brite. Another classic is of course Mr. Potato Head. Nowadays they even have a Mrs. Potato Head and Baby Potato Head. You can even buy extra outfits to dress them in, such as a fireman or cowgirl. Of course my children have acquired several of these Potatos along with many accessories. Every so often I will come across the little family dressed up in all their glory. Please meet Fairy Princess, Muscle Man Construction Worker (with a missing ear) and their little girl offspring with a mo-hawk.

You say potato, I say patato

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Barbara said...

It must be like living in a toy "wonderland" in your house. To just come across an entire family all dressed up and know that one of your little ones spent so much time having fun with them.

P.S. We might be bringing an addition to your potatoe family when we come.