Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Included in the Care Package received the other day was the classic game of Go Fish (Care Bear style). I decided that this time I would actually sit down and teach the girls the game instead of simply handing them the cards to do with what they may. As a multi-tasker, I attempted this feat while cooking dinner. As a result, I burned the Ramen Noodles ( for the record...I thought Ramen Noodles were indestructable, sort of like cockroaches). Despite the drama, the girls latched right on to how the game was played. Trinity won the first round, and dinner (minus Ramen Noodles) interrupted the second. They played a third round later on (after they cleaned their room of course) and Trinity won again, although Madison gave her a run for her money. Sorry the picture is lacking...I was busy burning food.

The Old Maid

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Barbara said...

Oh my, all that because of a little deck of cards? Remind me not to send the girls any others!
And, I suppose Trinity will be whipping me with that game too like she does with checkers)-: